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Ben Connor

Soul-driven blues, folk, rock singer songwriter Ben Connor has been described as the musical love child of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and David Gray. With almost two decades of writing and performing behind him, Ben’s warm, well-worn vocal cords ride soothing catchy melodies, sharing tales of love lost, love found, mythological journeys and harsh political realities. Always in pursuit of the perfect song, Ben has honed his song writing craft, with one reviewer stating, ‘Ben Connor has a mastery of song craft and a truly unique style and approach that could someday propel him to a place of prominence in the singer-songwriter pantheon’.


Ben performs solo, with his band and with his duo Ben Connor & The Butterman.

Ben Connor & Band

Ben's band consists of Davor Opacak on bass, Frankie Symes on drums and Stuart Christie (The Butterman) on 2nd Guitar, Djembe and Midi Keyboard. 

Ben Connor & The Butterman (Duo)

Ben's cohort, multi-instrumentalist Stuart Christie (‘The Butterman’), has entertained audiences around the nation and across the seas as a musician and physical theatre and circus performer with companies such as Circus Oz, Strut and Fret, Dislocate and Kage. True to his circus training, The Butterman entertains both musically and physically, generating sounds that range from the subtle to immersive as he pats, taps, whacks and even wields a chain over his less than conventional drum kit, often while simultaneously picking, strumming, and occasionally even drumming, his guitars or making his clarinet sound like a cooing baby predator.

Together, this dynamic duo combine the evocative lyrics, compelling melodies and warm well-worn vocal cords of a seasoned singer-songwriter with the style and theatrics of a professional circus performer. 

In a past life Ben worked as an arts/travel writer:

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